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My name is Nathalie. Originally I’m from Belgium but I've been living in Costa Rica for several years now. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful country!

Like many other ‘mompreneurs’, my kids were my biggest source of inspiration to start my business.
I wanted to create a shoe with a modern and playful design, blended with comfort and a great fit.

The shoes needed to allow for a healthy and natural development of my babies’ feet, but also to stay on at all times and to protect their feet while exploring the world! In order to guarantee a good quality control, I wanted the shoes to be handmade and to use natural products only.

This is how Pumilio shoes was born!

Pumilio shoes for babies and toddlers are made of high quality, flexible and durable leather. They have been designed to allow for a healthy and natural development of any type of feet. Pumilio shoes give your little ones the necessary support and comfort while providing warmth and protection.

The thin leather sole prevents slips and provides great grip on any surface for early walkers.
This helps them to develop their sense of balance while making their first steps.

Shoes with soft soles are highly recommended for the development of babies’ feet throughout the different stages including crawling and early walking.

Our shoes are handmade, without using toxic products.

                                 I hope your baby will enjoy his or her Pumilio shoes as much as my kids do!

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